Sunblock and Sleeping

All those parents out there that take their kids swimming, how do you get sunblock on your back? Do you just try your best? I’m guessing that you don’t just ask a random stranger to put it on for you ;). This weekend I took Owen to the North Park Pool (we’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile now), and while we were getting ready it was very challenging to get my back. Luckily I must have done a good enough job because I didn’t get burnt.. After 3 hours of “swimming” Owen was tuckered out.


These days keeping Owen on a schedule is tough. With daycare we only had to deal with bedtime and the weekends, but with me at home it’s all the time. Owen has this weird ritual that he has been going through. Taking him upstairs to get ready for a nap is always fun. He knows it’s coming and he doesn’t like it. After reading at least 3 books I put him in his crib and he says, “more books” – so I usually give in and read 2 more. After that he usually starts bouncing around, but I tell him it’s nap time give him a hug and kiss then walk out of his room. Now he is not happy and keeps bouncing and crying for a few minutes. Then it gets pretty funny. He takes all of his stuffed animals and throws them out of the crib. Then he proceeds to throw his pillows and blankets out.


I think he really wants to climb out but he can’t seem to get it (this is a ok with me). He then gets comfortable with anything that he has left in his crib and usually after about a half an hour he closes his eyes. I’ve heard from other moms that around 2 1/2 their kids stopped taking naps, and that is right around the corner for him. For now I will keep enjoying the peace and quiet.


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