Parachute Play

Has anyone been lucky enough to be handed a booger from their kid? No? I have. This morning, while I was hiding out in the dinning room drinking my coffee, Owen ran in and gave me his booger. Fun times. I told him next time he can throw it away himself.

If you can remember back to elementary school days when the teacher pulled out a parachute, you knew it was going to be a fun day. I used to love parachute day a million years ago. I found out a few weeks ago that Owen enjoys it as well. We’ve been going to the Shaler North Hills Library for Parachute Play on Monday mornings. The class is just a half an hour long, but it gets him up and moving and holds his attention.

Another class at the library that we’ve enjoyed going to is the Mother Goose class. It’s not just story time. The kids get to sing along, dance, and learn about the letter of the day. Again it’s only half an hour, but if your a parent you understand that sometimes that is plenty of time for a toddler before he is walking out of the room.

The library is a great place to beat the heat this summer and I’m sure we’ll be using it in the fall as well.


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