Just a quick trip

It’s funny how quick a trip to the store can go downhill with a toddler. I’m not sure if I like or hate the kid carts they have. The carts are pretty much impossible to navigate through the store, and I think they only have 3 per store. So if you don’t get one it’s going to be a real pain getting through the store without a tantrum. Thanks kid-friendly cart makers :/.

On another note, being back around family has been a lot of fun.  Owen still isn’t a huge fan of the pool but at least he’ll get in when there are other little ones in the pool already. Though he may not like swimming pools, he still likes animals. We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo this week and Owen really enjoyed seeing all the animals. Surprisingly, with how hot it was, most of the animals were out. He even cooled off with the water sprayers. His new catch phrase is, “What’s that noise?” As you can imagine, that was fun at the zoo.


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