Trains, Parks, and Ponies

With the recommendation of a friend we were able to go to this adorable train station a few weeks ago. It is called the Mars Shortline Railroad. Only about a 15 minute drive from our house. When we got there I wasn’t sure where to go to get tickets to ride the train, but we walked around a bit and watched what some of the other people were doing. After looking around the gift shop we saw a line forming to ride the train. So we got our ticket and boarded. Owen sat in front of me, and I made sure he didn’t fall off. I don’t think he could have rode it by himself. At first Owen wasn’t sure about it, but after a lap he was having a good time. We went through a small tunnel and past some faux houses. After getting off the train there was a small train set that he played with for awhile before going for another ride. It is a really neat place and is something different to do with kids.

Another fun place we went last week was called the Fern Hollow Nature Center. I had no idea what to expect with this place. I was just happy that I found it. It is kind of hidden and comes up fast. The whole place is tucked away in the woods with different play areas. There was a music area with a home made xylophone and other instruments, a place to pick up cardboard fish with magnets, an area to dig for fossils, and a place to make a ramp to put a ball down. Owen really enjoyed the instruments and getting very dirty digging for fossils. I believe there is a place to make a craft as well, but Owen wasn’t very interested in doing that. I think we’ll be back again soon.

The Butler Fair was going on last week and we took a trip up with my parents to check it out. I didn’t remember going as a kid, but my parents said that I was there. There were a ton of animals for Owen to check out, some rides, and of course fair food. After petting some animals at the petting zoo we went to the rides. Owen was a bit too short for a lot of the rides (which was fine with me) but he did do a few of them. One was the pony ride. He wanted mommy to hold him on while he sat on the pony. I’m not sure what I was thinking wearing sandals, but that was a clear mistake once I started walking through the pony ride. Next year I will be prepared. Owen had a ton of fun on the train and carousel rides. This was a great way to get prepared for a bigger park – Idlewild Park.



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