Milk, Snack, and TV

Owen’s new favorite words are “milk”, “snack”, and “tv”. Milk and TV are the first words out of his mouth in the morning. Then as the day goes on it’s “snack, mommy, snack” – like he is wasting away. So at all times the diaper bag is filled with squeezies, dried fruit, fruit leather, and cheerios. He now knows where they are stored in the bag, and usually helps himself.

Milk has always been a favorite of his. I think he could drink a gallon a day if we let him. But this TV thing is new since I’ve been home with him. The only way we can get him to stop watching is to get him out of the house. I’ve been scheduling play dates for around 10, and then coming home for lunch. If I’m lucky he’ll nap after he eats a small lunch.

I feel like an energizer bunny when he finally goes down for a nap. I run around trying to get a work out in, plan dinner, and throw a load of laundry in. What I really want to do is take a nap! Just another part of my new normal.


Owen’s new ride.

Owen has been having a lot of fun exploring our new yard. Last weekend he got a new car and loves it. I just wish he would figure out how to do it himself. Our yard is not flat and it is a good workout pushing his 30+ lbs around. Let’s see if I can convince Owen to go down for a nap. Wish me luck.


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