Stay at home moms

I’m no expert at this stay at home mom thing by any means, but I’m trying to reach out and meet new moms on the way. My biggest goal is to not have Owen watch TV all day. It was a lot easier to accomplish this when he was in daycare and there wasn’t a TV available. We try and do at least one thing a day where he is interacting with other kids.


We’ve done playground meetups, story times, and a bunch of walks. I’ve recently joined a Moms group, which has really helped me get Owen out of the house – even though every parent knows that getting your child in the car is sometimes a battle.

My biggest challenge with Owen is patience. Where do you find it? When your kid is throwing a tantrum during story time or throws a car to the ground that just misses a kid’s head. Ugh. I’m sure the other parents understand. Also, wine helps.

The Moms club had a kid free night last night at Mad Mex. It was great to have a dinner without kids (even though we talked about them).  At least we got to relax a bit and enjoy a margarita or two.  I just met most of these moms last week so it is very much out of my comfort zone, but it is nice getting to know them.



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