Rainy Days

We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far, and we’ve been keeping busy doing things outside, but today we got hit with some rainy, stormy weather. After fighting with Owen to get sunblock on we were off to the park to meet some new friends. About 10 minutes after we arrived at the park the skies opened up and it start to pour. We waited a few minutes but the rain did not let up so left the park and ran some errands.

Any parent knows strapping a kid back into the car seat isn’t fun, but doing it while it’s pouring is an added bonus. So we got back in the car all muddy and wet and we were off to Trader Joe’s. I really enjoy having one so close by now, but a little disappointed that since we are in PA there is no 4 buck Chuck :/. I’ve been hearing rumors that those silly laws might be changing, which could possibly allow wine to be sold in grocery stores. Hopefully that day will happen soon. For now we’ll have to keep making special trips to state stores.

Thank you to whoever got Owen Play-Doh for his birthday.  The Play-Doh and coloring books have been lifesavers on these rainy days.



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