New House

We did it! We fit everything we own into boxes,bags, and bins and moved to Pittsburgh. I really didn’t think we could do it in time for the move, but somehow we managed to do it. You get to a point while packing that you realize that you have too much crap and donate and sell some things to lighten the load. I’m glad we did, because I don’t think much more would have fit onto the moving truck.

Moving stinks any way you slice it. Once all of our stuff was packed into boxes we had a moving company walk through our house allllll day and load our stuff into their truck. I really don’t understand why it took over 8 hours to get our house packed up but it did. Needless to say that it was really hard to keep Owen occupied without having anything to play with. There were many walks through the neighborhood that day. Oh and Owen napped in the pack in play in the dining room. He was a trooper.


Once the house was empty it finally hit me that we were leaving for good. We were leaving our first home. The home that we brought Owen back from the hospital in. The home that we had holiday parties in. The home that the power went out for days. The home that was our quiet oasis. We will miss you first home. Thanks for the good times.


One last picture in our Columbus home.



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