Bad Timing

We’re not sure about a lot of things for the move to Pittsburgh, but we are sure that we are moving in 18 days. One small thing that we aren’t sure about yet is where to get Owen’s hair cut once we move. We’ve gone to Cookie Cutters here in Columbus, and he usually has a good time and enjoys being able to play in the play place or watch TV while getting his hair cut. This past weekend I took him for one last Columbus haircut, but it was a little crazy. We showed up about half an hour after they opened on Saturday morning hoping to get his hair cut. The place was insane. Because we didn’t have an appointment we had to wait until somebody with an appointment didn’t show up. So we waited about half an hour, and then finally left. Mommy fail :/. We have an appointment scheduled for this weekend.

He still looks adorable with his long hair :).


On Sunday we made a quick trip to the North Market to get the best waffles. It definitely took me longer to wait in line than it did to eat the waffle, but it was worth it. If you are ever in Columbus you should check out the North Market and get a waffle or two at the Taste Of Belgium, and (though we didn’t get any this time) you should try Jeni’s Ice Cream too.









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