Last Sunday was a day for walking. We walked to lunch and through the woods. We are very lucky with the location of our home. We are able to get to the city very quickly, and we are able to take a walk in the woods if we so please. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge outdoors fan (unless I have a drink in hand 😉 ), but having a son makes me a little more adventurous.


On Sunday after dinner the weather was on our side and we took a short stroll through the  woods to the river. Owen loved exploring and pointing out the flowers, ducks, toads, and geese we saw along the way. He also loved touching everything – including playing with the dirt. I’m getting better with messes, but it is a process.


He wanted to see himself in the picture I was attempting to take. He says, “I see, I see!”

We also went to our second Annual Duckling Day Parade. It is more of a walk than a parade. The kids dress up as ducks, get a goodie bag, and at the end of the walk they have ducks to see and a puppet show to watch. Owen really enjoyed the puppet show and made sure everyone heard him call out the animals. Weekends are the best.



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