Fresh Start

Does any other parent always hear their kid crying while you are trying to get a shower? I just realized even when Owen isn’t home I always hear him crying. I wonder if this ever goes away. Maybe it’s from all of the times when I was home on maternity leave and I would either bring him in the bathroom with me or have his monitor on the sink. Who knows. Maybe it’s just me.


We had another New Year’s celebration out our house this year with a few friends and their kids. This year we all put our big kid pants on and stayed up until the ball dropped. Yay us! Maybe we aren’t so old after all. It’s nice bringing in the New Year with your kid, but we desperately need a kid free dinner soon. I should start planning that.



After taking the decorations down the house feels like it is missing something. I think every January I need to go and buy some home products to spruce up the place. I guess we did go out and buy a new medicine cabinet. That’s a start.

You know what goes together well? Babies and bars. Well at least that is the case at a local movie theater, Studio 35. They do this marvelous Bring Your Own Baby night once a month. It was a great experience and everyone was very laid back. We walked in to pretty much every family socializing and running after their kids. After ordering a pizza and drinks Owen loved standing in the booth and talking with the other kids. I think we’ll go again next month.

I hope everyone is getting their schedule back to normal. Happy weekend!



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