Happy Holidays

Christmas has come and gone and I have “Let it Go” from Frozen permanently stuck in my head. Owen received Frozen on Monday, and he has been obsessed ever since. He keeps following us around saying, “more go”. He was mad tonight because we wouldn’t let him watch it because he didn’t eat much for dinner and threw a tantrum. We’ll have to wait and see how tomorrow goes.

We spent Christmas with family and friends in Pittsburgh. Our days were full of eating (so much eating), drinking, and opening gifts. Owen got so many gifts that we still haven’t opened them all. I need to go through his current toys and see if I can swap some out. Same goes for his books. Owen was lucky enough to get his very own drum set :/. It actually isn’t that loud, and he really likes it. The problem is that we don’t have any room to have it out all the time. Its current home is in Tony’s office, which kind of defeats the purpose of having an office.



I now have a helper in the kitchen. He isn’t tall enough to reach the counters, but he can reach his own play kitchen. My little helper, Owen, really likes “cooking” and “washing his hands” in his sink. He received a play kitchen for Christmas, and we were able to squeeze it into the kitchen.

This year, as in past years, Tony played Santa at my parent’s house for the kids. This is always great for a good laugh from the adults and crying from the kids.  Owen stared at Santa the whole time even after he got his gift, but then when he got closer for a picture the tears started flowing. I think next year he might be more curious about Santa.



Happy almost New Year!


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