Road Trip

It is so much fun hearing all of the new words and sentences that Owen has been chatting up these past few days. I couldn’t believe when he started to put a few words together! Way to go Owen! Daycare is really paying off :). I guess the reading helps out too, though it is a little bad that I have Dr.Seuss quotes going through my head while at work.

We did it! We made it all the way to VA for Thanksgiving with Owen in tow. I think what made the trip more bearable was the tablet. When all else failed I gave him our tablet that had some movies and shows saved on it. I was able to push it under the headrest so it was out of reach. The few  minutes of silence was fantastic. I know screen time for children under 2 is bad, but he enjoyed it and everyone was in a better mood once we arrived. I also put together a few busy bags to help keep him occupied in the car and restaurants. One bag had a dry erase board and small letter foam puzzles. Another one had small coloring books, and a third had a notebook and stickers. I found all of this stuff at the dollar store. He really enjoyed peeling the stickers off and putting them in the notebook. I found this idea from the YouTube channel the Purple Alphabet. They always have great ideas to keep your kids busy.

IMG_20151124_192543591 IMG_20151124_192701622









Weather has been mild here in OH, but it was even warmer in VA, and we took full advantage by checking out some playgrounds in the area. One thing that I’ve never seen before were bucket seat swings. I’ve seen the traditional plastic ones that little kids can put their legs into, but this was the first time that I’ve seen reclined bucket seats. Owen really enjoyed being outside and swinging in the seats. He loved them so much that he didn’t want to play with anything else, and he threw a tantrum when we tried to take him off of the swing.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law and her boyfriend’s house. It was very nice to spend some time with them and especially to only have to bring the cranberry sauce and wine. Thank you so much for making all the food, Lisa. It was delicious! I wish we lived closer and could have taken some leftovers. IMG_20151126_172832138_TOP

IMG_20151126_161107659 IMG_20151126_160754236


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