Stuck in the car

We recently took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit our families. As any parent knows, driving with a toddler can be so much fun. I know I’ve complained about it before, but it really stinks. I think it’s harder to deal with than just being at home because you are trapped and can’t go anywhere. When he gets agitated and nothing can calm him down time just seems to stop and I feel like jumping out the window. I try and be prepared with milk, snacks, toys, and games, but sometimes nothing seems to work. Side note, I am currently putting together some busy bags for Owen to throw in the diaper bag when we are out. I will post some pictures on Instagram soon.

My niece turned 4 this weekend, and we were able to celebrate her birthday while we were in Pittsburgh. All of our nieces and nephews live in Pittsburgh so it was great to see them all and to have Owen join the fun. I jump at the chance to buy girl clothes, and I got her an adorable outfit that I think she liked. I hope to see pictures of her wearing the outfit soon. We also went to a mall playground with Owen. He really enjoyed playing in it and sliding down the slides. I played helicopter mom and watched him really closely while he played.










On the way home this weekend I realized that Thanksgiving is next week and I freaked out a bit. I am not hosting, but I just keep thinking that we haven’t bought any Christmas gifts yet, and I don’t even have a list started. Ugh! I think that I’m stressing because I’ve seen Christmas decorations up for a few weeks now in stores, and I feel like I only have days before the holiday arrives. Maybe next year we can go on a trip and won’t have to worry about any gifts. Who is with me?


These are currently being sold at Macy’s. I think someone took the ugly sweater thing a bit to far.

Holiday time can be crazy, but I really look forward to spending time with family, relaxing a bit (hopefully), seeing Owen open his gifts, and enjoying all of the light and decorations. Speaking of decorations, how does one put a Christmas tree where a teepee currently sits? We really need a playroom! Our house is being taken over by a toddler :/.




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