Date Night

We finally did it! We went out for our combined birthday dinners. It has been a good month since either of our birthdays, but better late than never :).

Owen had one of his daycare teachers over to babysit. He was a bit confused when she showed up at our house, but shrugged off the confusion pretty quickly.

For our date we had dinner reservations at Lindey’s. If you are in the area I would recommend it. Everything was delicious down to the dessert. After dinner we walked to a nearby cocktail bar called Curio for a night cap, and then went home. – we were exhausted (we were home by 10). The life of a parent.

Yesterday, while walking into daycare Owen fell and hit his head on the curb :(. Tony does the daycare dropping off so I got the news via text. With some ice and calming down he seemed to be ok. Poor guy. His teachers said he was fine at daycare (after the fall), and he was fine last night and this morning. I am glad he is ok and that Tony was there when it happened.


Owen the morning after his fall


Tony captured our lunch with 2 toddlers perfectly. Jack was great, but Owen was crazy.


With Fall comes falling leaves. We (mostly Tony) raked them up this weekend. 

Other than falling and hitting his head Owen has been doing well. He still doesn’t sit down in the bathtub. As the water is falling over his face when we rinse his hair he spins in circles in the tub.  I guess that’s how he chooses to deal with stress. Also trying to brush his teeth is a 2 person job these days. He used to not hate it so much, but now even when we mention brushing he screams. Crazy toddler!

If you are looking for a quick read I just finished reading Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin.


I enjoyed reading it. It was interesting to see how people change depending on their surroundings. Just a heads up the ending is very sad.


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