Splish Splash

I don’t think I will understand Owen’s crazy rules with water. He loves playing in it, but hates sitting down in it. When we went to Cosi this weekend he loved playing in the huge water table that they have. He ran from play place to play place and fell asleep the moment he got into the car to go home. I’d say it was a parenting win, and we’ll definitely be back soon. Once we put him into the tub for a bath he just won’t sit down. It would be so much easier to play in the water if he would just sit down. Oh well, at least he doesn’t scream constantly anymore while getting a bath.

We also carved pumpkins this weekend so we wouldn’t have to rush around one night after work to get them done. Tony pretty much cleaned them all out while I carved them. Surprisingly, Owen wasn’t all about feeling the pumpkin guts. Last year all he wanted to do was eat them. He kept smiling and making his “O” face so it was worth it. I found the time to roast the pumpkin seeds that we cleaned out too. Here is the recipe that I use if you are interested.


Daycare goodies


Playing at COSI


Owen finds the most challenging ways to read :/


Pumpkin Day at daycare


Pumpkin Day at daycare


Pumpkin Day at daycare


Playing at COSI


Roasted pumpkin seeds are the best!

IMG_20151025_093442403 IMG_20151025_093438651
IMG_20151024_171600366_TOP IMG_20151025_103750 IMG_20151028_173004














Love Owen’s face in this picture




















I finally hung up a skeleton decoration a few days ago and Owen keeps saying “Hi” to it. Is that weird? Tonight we pass out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters. I know it’s not Halloween until Saturday, but Columbus is weird and they have it a few days before. I love seeing all the little kids in their costumes. Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from Doc Brown (Back to the Future)


We decided to do a Back to the Future theme. Of course Owen was not cooperating for the picture.




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