Fall Things

Toddlers are so much fun…sometimes :). They learn so many new things everyday, and they still like to cuddle every once in awhile. They tend to not be as fun when you are trying to get a good smile for a picture, or when you want them to sit down at a restaurant to eat. I am not sure if it’s actually possible to make these things easier, but I did stumble upon the The Purple Alphabet YouTube channel that might help with a restless toddler at the restaurant. She has some great ideas on trying to keep your toddler busy when you’re out to eat or during long car rides. You should check it out. This weekend I will try to make up a restaurant bag for Owen.

This weekend we drove to a pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins to hopefully carve next week. Owen was really excited at first to see all of the pumpkins, and he even attempted to pick them up (and then immediately drop them back down when he realized how heavy they were – which is why we have a lopsided white one in our stack). We were at the pumpkin farm for less than an hour when Owen became fed up with it. He started throwing tantrums for some reason. I thought he would enjoy being outside, but he wasn’t loving it. Oh well, at least we have our pumpkins to carve.

IMG_20151018_104449629 IMG_20151018_102452733 IMG_20151018_134923

I don’t think I give Owen enough credit. He knows a lot more than I think. Walking into the doctors office for his check up today he seemed to know that he would be getting some shots. Once we got back into the room and he sat down on the table the tears started coming. He got 3 shots today and was balling :(. Poor little guy. I felt so bad for him. The good news is that he is a healthy, stout little man (45% height, 90% weight).


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