Free Time?

Does it count as reading if you read the same 5 books to your toddler a few times everyday? Don’t get me wrong I love that Owen loves to read, but I am really getting sick of the same books. I think I might have to buy more just to get others in the rotation.

As new parents the best way to get things done around the house is to either have the other parent watch the kid while you try and hurry to get things done, or use nap time wisely. I rely on Owen to take good long naps on the weekends to try and get things done around the house. This Sunday was a great day to dig out the Halloween decorations and attempt to put them high enough so Owen’s little hands can’t break them. With Tony’s help I was able to get everything out. I always think I have more than I actually do. With what I have, the mantle and buffet are starting to look more appropriate for the season. After Owen woke up he pointed at all the new things on the walls and responded with “oooo”. I think he is a fan of Halloween.  Oh, and Tony had a good idea for a family costume idea. You will just have to wait and see what he came up with.

Today was Owen’s picture day at daycare. This will surprisingly be his third picture day since entering daycare. His first picture turned out pretty well, and his picture last year was pretty bad. This year he had a picture sheet that we had to fill out before the pictures were taken. We had to pick a background color, if we wanted any props, and if siblings were supposed to be included.  I feel like this is somewhat complicated for a young toddler room at daycare. At least he looked cute when we sent him off today. I got a cute cardigan, blue oxford, and khakis from Baby Gap on Friday. All the pieces were a bit big but he still looked adorable.


One thought on “Free Time?

  1. Hi Lauren, what a nice story! A teacher colleague of mine once said that language repetition, be it through books, games, movies etc. is actually an important part of kids’ language acquisition..though it can get tiring for us adults! I had read a good article about it here when I wanted to look into it further: It’s so nice to read how you guys are doing via your blog. The photos and design are great! Take care:)
    -Lauren Panteleimonitis

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