Feeling the love

You know it’s going to be a good day when you start by walking into the bathroom door :/. That’s the last time that I try and be nice and not turn on the lights while I am getting ready in the morning. At least it just gave me a headache and not a shiner.

This past weekend was a ton of fun. On Friday Tony surprised me with a birthday party at my parents house. I knew there was something going on when I opened the refrigerator and saw a ton of prepared food. Usually there are just a bunch of leftovers. Guests included family as well as high school friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was great to catch up with them, and to have them meet Owen. I even got the traditional family angel food cake, and everyone insisted on singing to me. I almost felt like a kid again. We ended the night by making s’mores. Thank you Tony, mom, dad, and Aunt Colleen for the great birthday party!







On Saturday we spent time at Allegheny College, Tony’s alma mater, for their Homecoming weekend.  We checked out the new addition to the Delt House, and Owen was able to roam around and check out the campus. It really is a nice campus – especially when it isn’t raining.


Hanging out on the swing with Madison.














On Sunday we headed over to the Meadville Country Club to celebrate a first birthday for our dear friends’ daughter, Vera. She is such an adorable baby with the biggest bright blue eyes. During the party the kids were able to run around in one half of the room while the adults grabbed something to eat. We are still trying to find a balance when we are at social events with Owen. The balancing act comes when you have to split your time between watching him run around and trying to socialize or eat. I think we are getting better at it, but it keeps changing as he gets older. It also helps if other kids are involved so the parents understand.



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