Dang Teeth

Just when we thought we had the nightly routine down, Owen decided to throw a wrench into the mix this week. It’s not all his fault – his poor molars are coming in. On Tuesday night he would not go to sleep. I’m talking inconsolable, screaming, flailing, etc. He didn’t want to be played with, read to, or rocked. Nothing we did helped so we finally gave him some Tylenol, and about half an hour later he fell asleep in my arms all boogery and sweaty. Poor guy worked himself up so much. We did see 2 teeth that were poking out in the back, and I expect to see a few more soon. Then, this morning a little before 6, Owen decided that he wanted to get up and proceeded to scream until Tony went in to get him. Usually I have to wake him up during the week to get ready for Daycare, but he woke us up this morning.


Happy Owen hanging out in his new toy


Not sure what he is looking at, but he is happy 🙂

We went to Lynd’s Fruit Farm with some friends this past Sunday to pick apples, and we had a good time. We ended up getting a few things from their market too. Hopefully next month we can go out and get some pumpkins too. Luckily his teeth were not bothering him on Sunday when we went to pick apples (like they were last year). He didn’t hold back at all – he bite right into an apple, ate the whole thing, and then started onto another. I really didn’t think he would be able to do that with so few teeth. I guess when it comes to food he will try anything.


My favorite picture from apple picking.


Owen has been into giving hugs lately. It is adorable and instantly puts you in a good mood. He also knows what some words mean, but isn’t able to say them himself – although he tries really hard. I am sure in the next few weeks his vocabulary will grow.

One last thing, if you are looking for something to bake to get you inspired for Fall I suggest making this Salted Caramel Apple Goodie. I made it a few days ago and it was delicious.


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