Busy Busy

This past weekend was full of fun activities. From a girls night out to a daycare picnic.  It was so nice to catch up with friends Friday night, if only for a few hours. I knew I was super old, but when the waiter comes over and asks for your unfinished drink container back (a sweet flavored flaming drink bowl) because he needs it for another table, you know you aren’t in your twenties anymore. That’s ok, we still had a good time even if we weren’t shot gunning beers. Plus it was a Friday night after a long week at work.

On Saturday we slept in a bit and then took part in our neighborhood yard sale. Tony had been organizing our old treasures for the sale for weeks as well as Owen’s old clothes that are too small. We sold a bunch of his clothes and other random things. It was also nice to see neighbors walking around on Saturday morning. Anyone that has ever taken part in yard sale knows that there are always a few people that drive around an hour before it even starts. We had a few of those.  Am I the only person that feels bad about her stuff when people walk by your tables so quickly that it is almost rude? I shouldn’t take offense, but I don’t understand how you can walk by so quickly. Anyways we did really well and had a bunch of foot traffic come through. We ended the day with dinner at a friends house. It was a great night with Owen and their daughter Madison playing together while we chatted. It’s a bummer that they will be moving away soon :(.










Hugs 🙂








On Sunday Owen had his annual daycare picnic at a local park. This year was completely different with Owen able to play and run around. It was a lot of fun to see him interact with his friends, and it was nice to meet some of the parents. I’m glad that they have this event every year. Especially to get to know his teachers since Tony does most of the dropping off and picking up.

FB_IMG_1442362125512 IMG_20150913_113026067







Hanging out at the daycare picnic








Oh and a few weeks ago Owen got his very own electronic Mercedes to drive around. It even has a remote control that we can use to drive him around (or at least Tony can – I am really bad at using the remote). We’ve agreed that he is too small for it now so we’ll bring it back out in the Spring.IMG_20150907_153833292



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