Friends and Family

Does any other parent think it’s really creepy when your child stares at the monitor camera before falling asleep and you see their glowing eyes? That is what Owen seems to be doing lately. It’s so weird, and I am kind of surprised he is just sitting silently in his crib. Too tired to cry maybe? I am guessing in about 5 minutes his head will hit the Dr. Seuss pillow and he will be out. He has slept with a pillow for a few weeks now and he seems to like the extra comfiness in his crib. He also has about 10 of his stuffed friends to keep him company while he drifts off to dreamland.

We had family in town this past weekend, and the weather was perfect. We went out to dinner at the Iron Grill with friends and family on Friday night. It was especially nice to eat out with friends that also have a kid because they realize that your conversation is going to get interrupted repeatedly, and that you might just need to get up and walk around to put the toddler at ease. The kids didn’t do too bad even after we were still chatting past their bed times.


Owen and his girlfriend Madison

On Saturday we planned to go to a splash pad, but the weather in the morning was a bit too cold. So we decided to walk around Whetstone Park instead. Owen was able to ride the swings, feed some ducks, and chase after dogs. He really, really loves dogs! After eating at Harvest, a local pizza shop, Owen was ready for a nap. Boy did he nap – it lasted almost 3 hours! So the girls took the time to go shopping at Easton :). It was a perfect day for an outdoor mall. Thanks for cooperating, Owen.

Sunday was warmer, and we took advantage of it by going to the Bicentennial Park splash pad in the afternoon. To our surprise it wasn’t as crowded as the last time we went. Owen enjoyed getting splashed and playing with the water. He even made some friends.


Playing in the pool



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