Carousel Ride

Last night Owen was so happy laughing and pretending to read books and then all of the sudden he started to lay his head down on his blanket. So I decided that it was close enough to his bedtime that I would put him in his crib and read to him from there. As soon as I set him down he went crazy! He started to stand up and scream. Does this happen to other parents of toddlers? Very odd. After a few minutes of screaming I decided that it would be best to leave the room. I knew he was fine. He was fed and changed – plus I could watch him on the monitor. In less than 5 minutes (even though it seemed a lot longer) he fell asleep. Phew! At least he is sleeping through the night. I would almost rather get another cavity filled :/.

I’m not sure if the cavity that I got filled last week was really deep or if I’m just getting old, but the pain has been long lasting and difficult to deal with. I’ve had 2 cavities filled in the past, and I don’t remember them hurting as much as this one. Once the Novocaine shot wore off I was in so much pain that I had to leave work. It was awful. Even a few days later it was still sore. I think I will have to keep these stories to myself when Owen starts going to the dentist in a few years. It looks like he has a molar coming in. At least that’s what I think I see during the brief moments I can see into his mouth before he shoves food into it. I think it might have broken through during the last part of our vacation.

Now for the fun stuff :). I remember when I was young and I could go on any ride without feeling sick. Well those days are long gone. We went to a food truck festival on Saturday, which was at the Columbus Commons. The commons has a carousel ride that was free during the festival. Owen seemed very interested while watching the other kids go around so we decided to give it a try. I chose to ride it while Tony watched and attempted to take pictures. We picked an elephant to ride, and once I sat him down he knew to put his hands on the bar and to hold on. I was a little nervous once the ride started that I might get sick, but all was well and when the ride stopped Owen was signing, “more, more”. He was not happy when he found out that we needed to get off. I am looking forward to when we can go to a park and ride the rides.


Carousel Ride


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