More Baby Proofing

Owen is becoming more adventurous these days. Even more than he had been. He is now realizing that he can climb on things and lift things like toilet seats. So last week we ordered another baby gate for the bottom of the stairs and a toilet seat lock because we live in an older house where you can’t fully shut all of the doors :/. The baby gate has been working nicely (as long as I remember to close it), and Owen doesn’t seem to mind the new restriction. We still need to install the toilet seat lock, but so far nothing unexpected has been flushed down the toilet (that we know of).

This past weekend we had nothing special planned, and the weather was beautiful. So on Saturday we woke up and went to the zoo. We checked out the petting zoo first where Owen chased all the goats around and “petted” them, which looks more like it-tag than petting. He likes to pet things by taping them with 2 fingers, but the goats don’t seem to mind. Then we spent some time in the aquarium. I think he could spend all day watching the fish swim around. He doesn’t seem to get bored with them. We had planned to do the boat ride at the zoo, but after watching a few people we decided that Owen was still a bit young to enjoy it. Next time we visit the zoo we want to check out the smaller playground by the polar bears. On Sunday we played outside with the water table and pool.

15 - 6

Waiting for our lunh


Doing some light reading on his rocking chair


Keeping busy at 101 Beer Kitchen











We even had time to start planning a weekend away. The plans are still in the works, but I believe we decided to go to Chicago. Surprisingly we’ve never been. I’m excited to start making an itinerary! One last note, the other day while at Kroger I saw a Halloween witch towering over pumpkin beer and I got really excited for Fall. My favorite season. Yay fall!


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