“Kiss Kiss”

It seems that over the last few weeks Owen has been learning a lot. He is so into books right now, and if the book is to his liking he will sit crossed legged on your lap and listen to you read the whole thing. It make me happy when he grabs a book and hands it to me, even if I’ve read it 5 times in a row. He really loves “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons”. It was a gift from our friend Nicole. Thanks, Nicole! He even does a little dance when the words rhyme. My favorite moment this week was when I was reading him the book “Farm Friends” (touch and feel book). It is just a short board book that has a few things that he can feel on the pages. While I was reading and we got to the puppy page it reads, “two puppies, kiss kiss”, and he went down and kissed the page. It was so cute I almost cried. I made sure to read it again for Tony and he loved it too. These moments are so special and I really look forward to him learning more and more as he gets older :).

Here are the links to the books if you are interested:

Farm Friends (Touch and Feel)

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons


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