“Belbo” is Owen’s word for elbow. One of his favorite books is Toes, Ears, and Nose. It is a flip-up book that has a different body part on each page – elbow being one of them. He always holds his forearm rather than his elbow but he is pretty close. Also, yesterday when Tony was giving Owen a bath, Owen didn’t scream the entire time :). He only screamed when his hair was being rinsed. So there is hope after all.

Last week was a short holiday week, which made the work week feel a lot quicker. This 5 day work week stuff is for the birds. Speaking of the birds, I bet they are probably enjoying all of the rain we have been getting. This must be the rainiest summer on record. At least it was nice for the holiday weekend.

On July 4th we enjoyed the local Columbus Doo Dah Parade, and we had a grill out at our house. All of the guests were gone before any fireworks started because most of them had kids to put to bed. The kids played in the water table and had fun popping bubbles. I wish that I had taken some pictures, but with Tony grilling and me running around with Owen there wasn’t the time. I think everyone left with a full belly.


Owen showing off his new pin




Owen has started getting into more things besides the cabinets. He now tries to get into the kitchen garbage, and put is toys in there – yuck! So last Friday night we ordered a lock for it. You don’t realize how much you use something until you have to unlock it every time.


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