Mixing It up

This past week was a little weird because I had to serve jury duty. I don’t know how many of my readers have had to serve on jury duty, but to me it felt like I was waiting for a plane that never arrived. I was placed in a room with a bunch of other people and I just had to sit and wait. There was free coffee and tea, and they had two TV’s but that is about it. I couldn’t leave because there was the possibility that I would get called to be on a jury. At one pointed I did get selected, but after they questioned me they decided that I wasn’t a good fit. It wasn’t all bad. I was able to get some reading done, and go out to lunch. I even received a certificate thanking me for my service – although I didn’t really have a say in the matter. At least it was a change from the old mundane schedule.

Owen has learned a few new things this week. He now knows where his nose, head, and elbows are when we ask him, and the other day he said “Thank you”. Not sure if he really understands what it means yet, but it is a start. We knew he loved music but now he will clap with the songs and shake his bum. It is really cute. I kind of wish they would record him at daycare when they have music day on Friday’s. I will have to try and get a video of him dancing at home soon.

A quick update on baths. He still hates them, even in the sink. We can now get him to sit down in the tub, but he still screams the whole time. Every time we try and give him a toy he will kind of play with it for a second but he won’t stop screaming. Boo :/.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!


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