Bath Time Blues

I know you heard me complaining before about how Owen has been hating baths lately, well his tune has not changed and I think we may have to regress back to baths in the sink. We just dread giving him baths, and I don’t want him to be that kid at daycare, you know the stinky one :/. Our sink is a good size, and I think he can still fit in it. Maybe with it being a smaller area he might be ok with it.  Fingers crossed. It is just so weird to me that he loves playing with the water on the water table, but refuses to sit down in the tub or a baby pool.

We’ve been doing a lot of crib gymnastics/crawling very quietly out of his room this week. I call it crib gymnastics when Owen falls asleep while I am rocking him and I need to somehow lift him up and set him back down without waking him. He isn’t light so this can be challenging. Whatever it takes for him to sleep. I’ve noticed that he has been talking to himself a lot more in the mornings and before he falls asleep. Mind you, I can’t understand what he is saying but it’s kind of cute. He did learn how to say “no” last week and he has been making “buzz” and “moo” sounds. He isn’t sure what animals the sounds belong to, but I am sure he’ll understand soon.

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there. We had a nice quiet Father’s Day at home and took another trip to the zoo.




Hanging out in his crib


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