Sleep Deprived

I am sure the title of this post could be used for any parent at one point or another. It has really hit us this past week with Owen waking up multiple times a night due to a fever. I can’t blame him, but it hurts when the only thing that you can do is give him medicine and hope he can relax enough to fall to sleep. The doctor said that it could be Roseola because he never had any symptoms leading up to the fever. Thankfully the fever went away by Friday morning, and he slept through the night again last night. I blame the lack of sleep for the dropping of my phone and shattering the screen on Saturday :/.

I think Owen really has a fear of sitting down in water. He still hates baths, and when we went to a friend’s house to try out their baby pool Owen would not go near it :/. I am hoping this might have been because he still wasn’t feeling well and that he get over it soon. I really want him to be able to enjoy playing in the water since the Summer season is so short. One adorable thing that Owen did on Sunday while he was playing in the water table was take my hand and have me make waves like he was doing. It was pretty cute and made me forget for a moment just how crazy the week had been :).

Last week the cabinet locks were put on and we are still not used to them. I hope they are strong because we both have yanked on them a bunch without remembering that we have them. I wonder if there will ever be a point when we will remember that they are there.


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