Zoo Fun

Saturday was zoo day for us. We are lucky enough to live in a city that has a wonderful zoo. There’s so much to see that, with out zoo membership, I’m glad we can break it up into multiple trips without having to worry about additional entrance fees. It was Owen’s first trip to the zoo, and he loved it! We stopped by the petting zoo first. In the petting zoo he was able to walk around with the animals and pet them as he got close – though his petting is more like a slap. So I guess we should probably work on that with him. He also loved watching the animals walk past him to get their lunch.

IMG_20150606_112546664 IMG_20150606_111958785 IMG_20150606_121645656 IMG_20150606_122211395

At one point in the day Owen got a really good look at a brown bear. The bear was huge, and he walked right over to Owen and stared at him. Owen just stared back. I know that there was a very strong and thick glass in between the bear and Owen, but it still freaked me out a little bit. He was just staring Owen down like he would be a good appetizer.

Speaking of food, the one thing we should have done was pack a lunch. I am sure there are better places to eat, but we were starting to get hangry so we stopped at a random food vendor. It was expensive and kind of gross. Next time we go we will have to pack some food and find a nice shaded picnic table.

For the past 3 weeks Owen has been really hating baths, and we don’t know why. Every time he gets into the bath tub we can’t seem to get him to sit down. So when we try to rinse his hair the water gets splashed outside of the tub. I know he likes playing with water because when we took the water table out this weekend he stood and played with the toys for a long while. Of course he was pretty much dumping the water out onto the ground, but it didn’t bother me or the driveway. He was happy and content.



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