Long weekends are the best! I think 3 day weekends should be the norm. You just feel so much more refreshed having another day off. Although ours was spent traveling, it was still nice to start the work week on a Tuesday. This past holiday weekend we went to visit some family in Richmond, VA. This was Owen’s first trip to Virginia, and he was able to explore a bit. He loved Maymont Park where he was able to see some animals up close. Seeing his reaction to the animals makes me happy that we recently got a membership for the Columbus Zoo. We also checked out an indoor play place called Coffee and Cartwheels that served coffee for parents. While mommy and daddy enjoyed some café au lait Owen was able to play around. Other than the loooong drive we had a good time visiting and meeting new people.


Owen likes to push the stroller now


Hanging out in his friends chair


Checking out the donkey











I thought I was prepared for the 7 hour (9 after stops) drive down with a ton of snacks and toys, but Owen still seemed to get moody.  We found out that Owen can only be in the car for a 2 hour and 45 minute stretch before he starts to squirm and whine. We have another long later this summer, and I am curious to know if any parents have a trick that I don’t know about that they would like to share. Thanks! 🙂


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