First Night Away

This past weekend was the first night I spent away from Owen, and I picked a great weekend to do it. The weather was amazing!

I don’t know about you guys, but it has been so nice to feel the sun again :). I am enjoying the warm weather we have been having this past week. This weekend I enjoyed some pampering and time with a few of my friends. We started the day with getting our nails done. Unfortunately they didn’t do that great of a job – my finger nails started to chip the next day, but my toes are still looking good. Just in time for sandal weather!

In the afternoon we went out to lunch and did some shopping. I almost forgot how much fun it is to have your friends around while shopping. It’s so nice to have other opinions and people to grab another size while you are in the fitting room. After we were shopped out (not sure if this was the case or if we just needed some caffeine) we decided to go back to the hotel. There we got our swimsuits on and decided to have a drink out on the patio because the pool was indoors and really humid (side note: you can’t have glass in the pool area so we were really classy drinking champagne out of Starbucks cups). After talking for a bit it was time to get ready for dinner. We enjoyed some more drinks and yummy sushi. The night didn’t end there. We had one last drink out, and then came back to the hotel and enjoyed yet another drink in the hot tub. Looking back no wonder I felt crappy the next day. I am not used to drinking that much.

It was a great time and I am glad that I was able to enjoy my first night away from Owen. Thank you Tony for being such a great dad :).


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