Duckling Day

Last Friday now I made a Duckling Costume out of a paper bag and construction paper. You must be so jealous of how crazy my Friday nights are ;). There was a reason for the costume – our neighborhood library has a Duckling Day every year for Owen-sized kids and older. I was planning to bail after checking the weather, but then a neighbor said she was still planning on going with her son so we decided to brave the weather and see some ducks. Since the whole costume was made out of paper it wasn’t very durable and ripped easily. I had figured that we would put it over Owen’s head and he would just tear out of it, but Tony was able to carefully put it on and get both of his arms out of the arm holes without it ripping. Owen was such a good sport and we were able to check out the ducks, get a goodie bag, and see a very crowded puppet show. I have a feeling this will be a new tradition for us.

IMG_20150425_103640090 (1) IMG_20150425_103507960_TOP


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