The First Year

Yes, I know it’s cliche to say the first year goes by quickly, but it really is true – at least to a certain extent. The first few months went by slowly because we were just soooo tired. I mean zombie tired. All the parents out there know what I am talking about. Then, after about 6 months, we started getting a schedule down and things got more comfortable. I’m not sure about other parents, but at that point so many new things were happening. He started to become a bit more active, and before we knew it he was crawling up the stairs (he started this past weekend). This new talent of his makes me so nervous. I would like to wrap him in bubble wrap, but I just need to let him explore a bit and learn on his own.


“Look what I can do!”

We had his 1 year well visit yesterday, and he is healthy :). He is now weighing in at 25 lbs 5 oz, and he is 30 1/4” long. Hard to believe that he was born at 8 lbs 8 oz and 20″ long 52 weeks ago. He can now officially eat anything that is not a choking hazard – even foods that he wasn’t able to eat before like honey and milk. No more formula! I will finish the one we have, and then it’s whole milk from now on until he is 2. I am delighted that we don’t have to rely on having formula and will be able to buy all of his food wherever we are. Happy dance :).


Last of the sticker pictures

Parenthood can get crazy at times, but it is always interesting, and every once in a while it is nice to spend time with other parents to you realize that you are not alone on this ride. We spent last weekend in Deep Creek, Maryland with some friends. Of course there was lots of crying and screaming from the kids (there were 6 of them), but there were also a few moments of relaxation. Most of our friends had kids there so we were all up early, but it was nice to be able to take our time and not have an agenda. I was even able to fit a few work outs in. The weather cooperated with us on Saturday, and we were able to explore a small park near by. Owen loved being able to take in the new sights and pick up some sticks.


Waiting to go on a walk.


Looking out at the waterfall


The kids


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