First Birthday Party Success

They fit! The balloons that is. I might have went crazy with ordering balloons. I ordered 15 latex and 2 foil balloons for the party. After ordering them I was a little worried that they wouldn’t all fit – fortunately they did. I couldn’t see out of the back window driving home, but who needs to do that? Owen loves balloons, and I am pretty that we will be adding “balloon” to his vocabulary very soon. So it was all worth it, and we will have the foil balloons for a while for him to enjoy.


My view on the way home with the balloons







A picture while Owen was still napping











The weather was prefect the day of the party, which was great because we didn’t really have a backup plan. We setup everything outside, except for the food. The kids were able to use the slide, play with toys, and blow bubbles. “Bubbles”, by the way, is Owen’s new word for anything that he likes these days. It is quite adorable 🙂

Of course the smash cake is a big part of the first birthday party tradition, and Owen’s was no different. His cake turned out great! It looked exactly like the picture that I sent to them. At first Owen was a little hesitant on putting his hands on the cake, but once Tony gave him a little taste he was all about it. I think he might have eaten the whole thing if we didn’t take it away from him. I think he actually gets messier from eating a normal meal than he did from eating the cake. After we took the cake away we only needed to wipe his hands and mouth.


Owen’s smash cake









Owen enjoying his cake 🙂












I don’t know what I would have done without the help of our family. The morning of the party I was running around like crazy. They put up decorations, set up the tables, made food, and even got me flowers. What a great crew!


The family








I’m not sure why I stressed so much over a one year old birthday party – Owen won’t remember any of it. At least he will get to look back at some great pictures. I think the first few child’s birthday parties are more for the parents than the child. Anyhow, I think we did great on Saturday. The decorations looked good, we had plenty of food, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Here are some of the decorations from the party…

IMG_5607 IMG_5609 IMG_5617 IMG_5625 IMG_5631


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