Full Schedule

This past weekend has been a very full one. We took Owen to see the scary Easter Bunny on Saturday with some friends. He was fine with Santa Claus so I figured that the Easter Bunny would be easy, but while we were waiting in line the boy in front of us began screaming and crying so when it was our turn Owen was not excited. As soon as I set him down he started to cry :(. I think that will be the last time we take him to see the Easter Bunny. At least we have a fantastic picture to show him when he is older.

Owen Easter Bunny

Scary Easter Bunny










After the Easter Bunny torture we took him to Stride Rite to get measured for his first shoes (size 4W if you are curious). At daycare they asked us to begin putting shoes on him because he’s close to walking and they go outside when it is nice. We got him a pair of grey shoes with red laces that are adorable (all shoes that small are). I wanted to get a pair of Sperry’s (an exact replica of mine), but Tony wouldn’t let me get them. Maybe closer to the summer we can go back and grab them.

With his birthday party is right around the corner I have been trying to get some decorations up and buy some odds and ends to support his woodland/animal theme. The dining room is starting to look better. I just need to move some things around. We also need to get a final count of who is coming so we can plan the menu. I am crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that the weather is nice enough so guests have the option to be outside.


Owen 1-12 months











This past Sunday our good friend took Owen’s first birthday pictures, and they turned out great! I already have some at Walgreens waiting to go into frames. One thing that I learned is that we should wait to dress him until the absolute last minute before taking the pictures. I gave him a sippy cup just before the pictures to tide him over, and it leaked all over his shirt. We had to quickly rinse and dry his shirt before she arrived.

This weekend will actually be Owen’s second Easter. He was born the day before Easter last year. It will be nice to enjoy it outside of a hospital this year.


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