Mom Jeans

I don’t know about the other moms out there, but I am fed up with lower rise jeans. I think I started to feel this way about a year ago, but it really started to become a bigger issue when I became a parent. It isn’t acceptable to show the top of your bum every time you put your child in his car seat. You could almost get away with having lower cut jeans if you had a longer shirt, but it is hard to find those if you have a longer torso like I do. So this begs the question of what defines “mom jeans”. Do jeans need to have a stone wash and pleats to be considered “mom jeans”? I would be curious to know what you all think.

I recently bought my first pair of high rise skinny jeans from J Crew. They are simple dark-wash skinny jeans with a small amount of whiskering. I really like them – not only because they are high rise, but that they are soft and have a perfect amount of stretch. I think that they are pretty stylish and wouldn’t be considered the typical “mom jeans”. Here is a link to them: I will keep an eye out on the JCrew website to see if they come out with a lighter wash for Spring.

Gap has recently come out with their version of the mom jean. They are called the Resolution High-Rise. I had very high hopes for them, and I even recommended them to some of my other mom friends, but when they arrived it wasn’t great. They fit a bit higher than my JCrew ones, and they just didn’t have as much stretch. So, needless to say, I took them back. The search continues for a higher rise light wash jean for Spring.



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