Spring Forward

It’s almost gone! Snow that is. With the temperature warming and all the rain I am so happy to feel a bit of Spring in the air this week. Owen finally got the hang of this Spring forward change last night and finally slept through the night.  A huge thank you goes out to Tony for waking up and shoving a binkie in his mouth the past few nights. You’re the best :).

So Owen has 3 teeth fully popped now with 2 more top teeth about to break through. I try to stay on top of things,  but I have to admit that I only just recently bought a toothbrush and toothpaste for him yesterday. Mommy fail. Last night I brought him in the bathroom and attempted to brush his 3 little teeth. He was really confused why I was sticking something in his mouth that wasn’t food, a binkie, or a bottle. I think in the beginning stages it is helpful just to get in the routine of doing it rather than actually really cleaning his teeth. At least I hope that is the case because it is a challenge to have him open his mouth wide enough or stay still. Who knows, maybe he will start to like it.

With the weather getting warmer and all the adorable Spring clothing that is out I just had to buy Owen a few things. He also is going to another birthday party this weekend so I didn’t just shop for him ;). Clothing in small sizes is so adorable, and I think that I need to take advantage of dressing him while I still can. I ordered these blue moccasins online and also got a few shirts as well as a pair of shorts to start his Spring wardrobe. Here is a picture in case you wanted to see it.

With Spring comes Owen’s first birthday. I know every parent says it, but I really can’t believe that he will be 1 soon. It has been a crazy year. We did a mini photo shoot Saturday afternoon so we could get an updated picture to put on the invitations. After a tiny bump with ordering them we were able to come up with something that we both liked and they should be arriving soon. First step checked off. Now we need to start planning the food and decorations.

We cancelled cable a few months ago because we realized that we could save a good amount of money and with having Owen we really didn’t have much time to watch it. Besides, we still have Netflix and Amazon Prime to take advantage of. With this change, and with Owen now eating table food, we have moved dinner into the dinning room. It has been a big change for us. A good change but something that we still need to get  some getting used to. Now if Owen would eat while we eat it might start to flow a bit better :).


Blowing bubbles


Swim class


Bed head


Pre-birthday photos


First pair of moccasins




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