We are moving now

That’s right, folks. Owen decided to finally start crawling! I really thought he was just going to bypass the crawling stage and go straight to walking, but he fooled me. Yesterday at daycare they said he crawled to lunch and everyone cheered for him. Of course he would crawl to where the food is :). It is so funny to see his little bum going back and forth with him cruising around. When he was crawling last night he kept going straight into the pantry. So I made a note to myself that we will somehow need to keep the pantry door closed before he starts helping himself to Cheerios. Also while he was in his nursery he decided to pull down his noise machine by the plug. He never really like that thing anyway. For fear of Owen choking on some dust bunnies or whatever else he might start to find on the floor I need to start cleaning better. What do other parents use on hardwood/tile floors? I will have to do some research. Once we have a good video of Owen crawling around I will post. Until then here is a fun bath time picture.




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