7 Joys of Parenthood

I realize that I kind of went on a rant while Owen was sick a week and a half ago. It just gets so frustrating when he can’t let us know what hurts, and we’re not able to do anything for him. Luckily he is doing much better now and has been smiling and eating a ton to make up for it.

Here are 7 joys of parenthood I’ve experienced these past 10 months – I’m sure other parents can relate.

1. Evenly distributing baby wipes and binkies in every room of the house.

2. Mid-week visits to Target for more tubs of formula.

3. Finding out that not all doorways are baby gate width, and realizing that a door can work just as well.

4. Cleaning smooshed food out of hair on a consistent basis.

5. Snot sucking as a parental team.

6. Being the target of projectile vomit when Owen was sick.

7. Seeing the dreaded daycare caller ID while at work.

On a lighter note, I’ve had more of a reason to bake. Here is what a baked last night for breakfast. It was easy to make and healthy (before I added the maple syrup). Enjoy!

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal: http://www.crazyforcrust.com/2015/01/blueberry-baked-oatmeal/



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