Double Digits

Today Owen turned 10 months old. 10 months seems crazy to me. There are only 2 more stickers left :(. He was such a good sport this morning while we were taking his pictures. He even smiled before he had any breakfast. Now that he is 10 months he is really getting good at holding his sippy cup on his own. He still has a few bottles during the day but way less than he used to have. While at daycare he has a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Then once he comes home he has dinner. Sometimes before bed he has a bottle, but not always. So far he isn’t picky with what we feed him. I am hoping that he takes after his dad and isn’t picky with food. We shall see.


10 months old!











This week I made a few things to have on hand to heat up for Owen to eat. They are both pretty much snack food so I still need to make something for a main course. I always have some fruit, cheerios, yogurt, and applesauce on hand for emergencies (screaming Owen not wanting to wait 30 seconds for the microwave to heat the food). Here are the receipes that I made and froze for quick snacks. What are some of your favorite quick meals to have on hand for the little ones?

Spinach Muffins:


Spinach Muffins








Apple Squash Muffins:



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