Fun-filled Weekend

Poor Owen has another ear infection.  I guess that is why he has been so crabby lately. We thought it was just a cold, but we wanted to make sure. We started another round of medicine after Tony took him to the doctor on Friday. He seems to be keeping most of it down. He is so stuffed up that when he coughs he sometimes throws it back up. I feel so bad for him, but the doctor said that it is just a cold and there is really nothing we can do about it :(. I am really hoping that he gets over this soon and starts acting more like himself again.

Even though it is snow and in the single digits this weekend Owen had his first swim lesson. Both of us were in the pool with him hoping that he would enjoy it more that way. We started in the big pool and tried to get Owen more comfortable with the water. He didn’t love being in the big pool, but once we played with some water toys he started to come around. The bigger pool water was cooler than the baby pool. I think that was the main reason he didn’t enjoy it. That and his ear was probably hurting him. Once we went into the baby pool he even smiled. With this class I am hoping that he becomes more comfortable in the water.


Nora and Owen hanging out after swim lessons


Owen checking out all the other kids swimming in the pool


Daddy and Owen getting ready to go in the pool












We didn’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day, but we ended up going to a Masquerade Ball with some friends. It included dinner, drinks, masks, and childcare. It was a great deal and a huge plus to eat a good meal and not have to worry about watching the little ones. Sometimes last minute things work out better than planned ones.


Showing off our masks after dinner








I finally finished and gave Owen his Valentine’s Day Basket. I included a few books, some snack containers, a hat, and Kleenexes in the basket. He pretty much just tried to put everything in his mouth. I guess that means that he liked it.


Goodies in Owen’s basket


Owen’s Valentine’s Day Basket








Crazy hair after swim lessons



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