This old house

On Sunday Owen finally decided to crawl a few steps forward. Yay, Owen! So Tony figured that it was about time to start to putting together the 2 baby gates that we had ordered. We figured that we needed at least 2 for the tops of both of the stairs. After some fumbling around he was able to get one to fit at the top of our upstairs staircase, but the stairway to the basement was too narrow. Side note, our house is pretty old – built in the 40s. It has a ton of character, but sometimes it is hard to find things to fit. One thing that was in style in the 40’s was to have a million doors in your house. Not sure why this was the case, but it is the case with our house. The previous owners took down most of the doors that weren’t necessary and stored them in the basement. After a bit of searching for the door that fit, Tony decided that he would sand and repaint the door that goes at the top of our basement staircase. That way we won’t have to worry about buying another gate, and we can keep the cold air from coming up the stairs. I just feel bad that it is another thing for him to do with him being so busy already. What can I say? I have an awesome husband.

I am still putting together Owen’s Valentine’s Day Basket. Once I have it completed I will post some pictures and let you know what I added.

One thought on “This old house

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