New Experiences

This has been Owen’s first official full week in the older infant room. He was supposed to start last week, but because he was sick most of the week he didn’t officially start until this week. So far he seems to be digging it. I think that he may be intimated by the older kids, but I think he is learning a lot from them too. We have only been making up 4 bottles for him to bring, and he usually comes back with one full one because he gets a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. It took him a while to get his appetite back but he seems to be eating well again. He really had us worried when he was throwing up last week. I am so glad that he is doing better. I felt like we were missing out on so much while we were taking care of him.

I’ve been getting better at feeding Owen table food. Pretty much what we are eating but in very small pieces, but I have noticed that he doesn’t like it when I try and feed him. He wants to make a huge mess by feeding himself. Most of the time there is more on his lap than in his belly by the end of it. I guess it is good that he wants to be independent.

Even though Owen can’t pull himself up on his own yet we have started to think about baby proofing. We recently ordered and received 2 baby gates, and replaced our glass coffee table with a new ottoman table. I never liked our glass table, but surprisingly it sold the same day we posted on Craigslist. I think we will eventually sell the 2 glass end tables, but until we find something better we need to have somewhere to put our lamps.

I have been in the baking mood, but I can’t seem to find the time to do it. I really want to make Valentine’s Day cut out cookies. I’ve had these “love” and “heart” cookie cutters for so long, and I’ve never used them. I think we got them for a wedding favor years ago. Perhaps this weekend I will try and tackle that. Anyone have a favorite cookie recipe that you love, or are planning to make soon?

I almost forgot that we had some snow on Sunday, and it wasn’t freezing cold so we were able to bring Owen outside to experience the snow for the first time. As you can see from the pictures below he didn’t particularly love it. He was fine when we were holding him, but once we sat him down he wasn’t having it. I am sure next year when he is more mobile he will enjoy it.



So many boogies


Trying out the duck sled


I think it’s time to go in



Owen’s first snowman


Look at those rolls 🙂



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