So long, 2014

Bye bye, holiday season. It has been a crazy and fun one, but deep down I am glad to get back to normal. We took down the decorations yesterday and now the living room looks bare. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the Christmas lights, but it is nice to have more room for Owen to play once again. I think I will need to re-decorate a bit this weekend, and I hope to get a start on our corner photo wall. We also plan on getting rid of all of the cardboard boxes and transferring all the decorations to plastic containers. Maybe I will even get to clean out my closet. It is a mess, and I am sick of it feeling clogged up. It seems when I try to pick out an outfit 10 things fall off of the shelves.

New Year’s Eve has really changed from years past – when we didn’t have to worry about bedtimes or feeding anyone but ourselves. One thing big thing that has changed is that I no longer freak out about before is having a mysterious stain on my shirt. Just the other day Tony pointed out a brown stain on the side of my pajamas, and I calmly changed my outfit, and that was that. So don’t sweat a little poo in the new year. That sounds like a good resolution to me :). We had some friends over with their babies, and it got a little crazy at times. We both realized that we need a bigger house in order to comfortably entertain. There just isn’t enough room in the living room to relax and have the kids play – especially with a 7 foot tree. We ended up tripping over each other at times. Maybe just a play room would work. We were lucky enough to have Owen fall asleep around 9pm, and we even stayed up to see the ball drop – but we never opened the champagne. I am sure we’ll find another excuse to drink it in the new year.

Here’s to a healthy and fun new year!



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