Growth Spurt

Other than a few hiccups on Friday night, Owen has been sleeping very well. He even slept in today until 8am. Happy dance! Tony tried to get him to sleep at 8:30 last night, and of course Owne wasn’t having it, but I will take sleeping through the night. He has also been eating a ton for dinner when he comes home from daycare. We are talking 2 whole jars of baby food and a mum mum cracker. For anyone that has used the mum mum crackers, why do they have to be so messy? I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as he likes them. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt? Hopefully he will get some new clothes for Christmas if that is the case.

Happy winter solstice! I am hoping if I act enthusiastic the weather won’t actually be icy and snowy for a while. We actually had a pretty bad ice storm in November – boo ice and snow. Every winter Tony and I throw around the idea of moving south. Maybe one year we will actually do it – who knows? The forecast is supposed to be pretty mild for the next few days, which is fine with me.

I had planned to do a craft with Owen this weekend, but I couldn’t find the time. It all worked out though because the craft that I planned to do with him he brought home from daycare. It was similar to the mistletoe craft that I saw on Pinterest (of course). I think he did a great job.


Owen’s masterpiece 🙂










I do have the supplies to do something else. So after the holiday I am thinking of doing one of the below.

daddy mommy me hand printFootprint and Handprint Holiday Art Projects from Making It From Page to Table

Speaking of Owen growing up, he turned 8 months on Friday. He isn’t crawling yet, which is fine with mommy and daddy who haven’t baby proofed yet. He is able to get on all fours, sway, and push himself backwards. He is also a champ at holding his own bottle, saying “baba” and “dada” (but he isn’t too sure what “dada” is), and every once in a while he will let out a very loud high pitched wail. No teeth yet but that hasn’t seem to bother him, and he is wearing 12-18 months clothes. Our little man is very happy and healthy :).


Rocking the santa hat (and nothing else)


How did all these lights get here?


If you look close enough you can see the drool line.






Happy 8 months!



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