Ugly Sweaters and Urgent Care

I have to say we have been mostly enjoying the holiday season so far. There have been a few bumps in the road, but all in all we are taking it all in and trying not to stress too much. A week ago, Owen woke up with both eyes gunky, and he wasn’t able to open them. We knew right away that he had pink eye, and because it was a Sunday we had our first trip to Urgent Care. Ugh. Of course we had to wait a while to see a doctor, but once we did we had an eye drop prescription and we were out the door quickly. He was feeling better the next day and after a week of eye drops he is in the clear.

Thank goodness for babysitters :). Last weekend we went to a beer and cupcake tasting party where the the was ugly Christmas sweaters. I know the combination of cupcakes and beer sounds weird, but it worked out really well and was quite tasty. The hosts had tasting cards and put all the beer in bins with the cupcakes labeled sitting in from of them. Most importantly we got to spend time with friends while wearing our awesome ugly sweaters. Side note; remember when you had to go search for ugly holiday sweaters at the local thrift store? Well they now sell them at retail stores all over the place. I found my beauty at Target, and Tony’s was actually from Kroger. We’ll be able to rock these for years to come :).


Rocking our fancy sweater

I know Owen has been growing really fast, and he will be crawling before we know it. It really sunk in when Tony came home after picking Owen up from daycare and showed me his transfer papers. Owen will be moving to the older infant room at the end of next month. He will first have a transition week to spend a little time in the new room before he makes the official shift. It makes me a little sad, but I know it will be great for him and he will really start moving. For now we will take full advantage of Owen still sort of not hating sitting up and being stationary.


Visiting Santa at my office party


We have been knocking out most of our Christmas shopping, but we still have a few people to buy for this weekend. I think we are past the ordering online deadline :/. But we are getting there. Hopefully this week will go by smoothly and we’ll be able to finish the list and start wrapping some gifts.


Owen figured out how to rock the rocking chair



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