Last Wednesday night we packed up and headed to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. I think we are still trying to recover from the trip. Owen did not sleep well while we were in town. Not sure if it was because of he was sleeping in a pack-n-play, it was too cold, or if it was just a different place. Of course we tried to jam as much as possible into the time we had with family. On Thanksgiving, family came over my parents’ house, and we ate a bunch of the traditional holiday food. We got off pretty easy by only needing to bring the pies. Owen was able to meet some of his cousins for the first time, which was adorable yet frightening to see them play with him. I am happy to report that he came home without any bruises.


The holidays and baking come hand-in-hand. I didn’t think I would have any time to bake this year having Owen around but I was able to bake cookies on Friday and Saturday with family while Owen was entertained by his grandparents, aunt, and dad. On Friday we made some delicious snickerdoodles and mint chocolate chip cookies. On Saturday I learned how to make my grandma’s famous orange cookies.  I now feel a bit more comfortable with trying the orange cookies out on my own.

Owen had another first this past weekend. In addition to celebrating his first Thanksgiving, Owen saw Santa for the first time. He actually seemed alright with it. This could be because he was outside, and he loves being outside, or because so many people were staring at him. Either way he did really well. I think if we have time we might try and go to the mall and get a better picture with Santa without freezing our toes off.

Time is going by so fast this holiday season it’s hard to keep up. I still need to decorate, send out Christmas cards, and buy gifts. Somehow it will all get done.


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