7 Months

Our little man turned 7 months this past Wednesday. These past 7 months have gone by really fast but also really slow. Being a parent for the first time is crazy, exhausting, and new everyday. Parents never get a break, and everyday I am so glad that I am not in this thing by myself.

Back to Owen. He is still drooling a whole bunch (still no teeth), babbling, sitting up on his own, and he is reaching for everything. I have a feeling we will be baby-proofing soon. I have been looking around the house lately and trying to count how many baby gates we will need. We have 2 sets of stairs so I guess we’ll need at least 2. Then we’ll need a bunch of outlet and cabinet covers/locks. One day at a time.


Sitting up so well









This past week has been a little crazy, weather-wise, and it makes me want to move south. On Monday we had about 4 inches of snow, and today the snow has melted and it is 60 degrees outside. We were even able to take a few walks this weekend. I think I might have bundled up Owen a little too much for our walk yesterday, but he didn’t seem to mind and now I know that the outfit fits.


“Mom I can’t put my arms down.”














Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and I can’t wait to celebrate Owen’s first Thanksgiving (he has a very appropriate bib that he will be wearing), spend time with family, bake some cookies, and be one of the crazies out on black Friday shopping. Happy Thanksgiving!


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