Boogers and Drool

Ahhh sitting down for a few minutes is really nice. Owen has been full of boggers and drool lately. Every time we pick him up he leaves a nice booger and/or drool stain on your shirt, but I guess that is better than spit up or poop. For how much he is drooling you would think he has a full mouth of teeth, but no teeth yet. I feel so bad that he seems to be in so much pain. As for his boogers, this past weekend I used the snot sucker for the first time, and it works really well when he sits still long enough. I haven’t been successful at that lately when he knows what is coming for him.

Owen had his first vision appointment this past weekend and he did very well. The doctor put the drops in to dilate his eyes, and at the end of the appointment he said everything looks good. We will have to go back when he turns three to make sure he is still doing good. The only reason we would have to go back sooner is if his eyes start to drift.

I thought by now Owen would be sleeping through the night without a problem, but this week has been rough. I am not sure if his gums have been hurting or if he has just been hungry, but he has been waking up multiple times a night. He has been eating 2 meals at daycare and one at home along with his bottles – so I am not sure how much more food he can have. He could be going through another growth spurt. We’ll see what the next few days bring. We are really wishing for some more sleep.

This picture demonstrates how strong Owen is getting…he broke the piece off of his toy.


He pulled a little too hard


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